Covid-19 latest update in Mongolia

On November 4-5, 1068 tests were made and 4 resulted positive to Covid-19. In particular, 2 patients are truck drivers, 1 patient is passenger of charter flight, and 1 is a nurse who was working with Covid-19 patients at the NCCD. In recent days, international truck drivers are resulted positive to Covid-19 mostly. Total 356 […]

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The latest updates on COVID-19 status in Mongolia

Country-Specific Information: Great Gobi & Central Mongolia Tour 12 Days Mongolia continues to extend suspension of all inbound travel from foreign locations and has banned the entry of all foreign nationals.  All commercial flights, passenger rail, and auto traffic into and out of Mongolia are suspended during the time these measures remain in effect. As of […]

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A comparison of budget travel and luxury travel in Mongolia.

Travel is the movement of people between relatively distant geographical locations for any purpose and any duration.  Usually, the type of travel can be defined by how much money is being spent on that experience. Travel is impossible to do if no cost is involved. People do think about the cost before traveling. Budget travel […]

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What is a Mongolian Ger | Traditional Dwelling | Nomad’s Ger

Travel2Mongolia     Mongolian Traditional Dwelling – Ger Ger one of the Mongolian greatest heritage from our ancestors, has long history tracing from earlier centuries. In this period, obviously Mongolians ger structure get changed, developed and it is keeping its own features today. Having extreme weather and nomadic way of life, ger is the most […]

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