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Ger one of the Mongolian greatest heritage from our ancestors, has long history tracing from earlier centuries. In this period, obviously Mongolians ger structure get changed, developed and it is keeping its own features today.
Having extreme weather and nomadic way of life, ger is the most suitable dwelling for them. It is easy to collapse or build. And Mongolians used carts for moving to another place.

Considered as the best organized dwelling in the world, the ger has many advantages. Even world researchers have already started to study the structures and importance of ger. A ger is created with many special things.

Capacity – Although it looks bit small and has only one chamber ger is very spacious.

No bad energy accumulation – It is related to round shape and having no corner. It is impossible to have bad energy in Mongolian ger.

Divided into 12 different Asian calendar animals – One of the greatest features of Mongolian ger is that we should know what the time is.

Very easy to move – Ger is divided into several parts and it is very easy to carry.

Direct connection to heaven and land – It is said that Mongolians are very energetic people. One of the reasons is that they take energy from heaven and land. There was no floor in ger in early days.

Safe – It means the risk to damage or hurt someone if there is a disaster such as a earthquake.

Different types – Mongolian gers are differs from each other by size and decoration. There are from 4 walls to 12 wall gers and simple or special decorated depending on usage.

In accordance with the nomadic lifestyle, Mongolian ger is easy to build up or down. And ger consists of several parts:
Toono (roof) – This is the top part of the ger.
Uni (rafter) – This is the part which connects khana and toono.
Bagana (Pillars) -There are 2 bagana in Mongolian ger supporting the toono.
Khana (Walls) – Khana is divided into from 4 to 12 sections depending on the ger size.
Haalga(door) – Mongolian ger door is directed to the south traditionally.
Floor (Shal) – In the early of the history, there was no floor. last Mongolians started to use the floor.
Felt Cover of Roof Ring (Urkh) – This is the sheet covering the toono(ring roof).
Roof (Deever) – After builing the ger the felt roof is put on the uni(rafters)
Wall Cover (Tuurga) – It covers the wall.
White Dense (Outer Cover of Ger) – This is the part where covers the whole ger.

Does and Don’ts
As we know that Mongolians have great heritage of abstinent culture. There are things we can do or cannot do in Mongolian ger.
Stand on the threshold when entering the ger
Turn your back on the altar or the religious part of the ger
Whistle inside a ger
Lean against the pillars
To stand in front of the door holding
To hold the uni(rafter) in the ger
To stand at the
To give something between pillars
To point at anything
To put knife blade upside
To put your hat in ger without permission of terguun
To touch the box nest to cupboard
To put any waste in fuel box

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