On November 4-5, 1068 tests were made and 4 resulted positive to Covid-19. In particular, 2 patients are truck drivers, 1 patient is passenger of charter flight, and 1 is a nurse who was working with Covid-19 patients at the NCCD. In recent days, international truck drivers are resulted positive to Covid-19 mostly.

Total 356 cases of Covid-19 registered in Mongolia and 314 were recovered. 42 patients are under treatment at the NCCD.

On November 30, 12116 people were PCR tested and 400 of them were re-testing. 10 resulted positive to Covid-19. Family member of a positive case in Battsengel soum was positive after the second test.

In six provinces and Ulaanbaatar city where Covid-19 registered, contact detection and monitoring are under process.

Therefore, total 801 cases of Covid-19 registered in Mongolia and 358 are domestic cases. Most patients are having light symptoms. Contacts of people infected along with the railways and karaoke were found and under control.

Following positive cases are registered:
9 new cases in Selenge province (157 total)
11 new cases in Darkhan-Uul province (33 total)
1 new case in Orkhon province (22 total)
2 new cases in Dornogovi province (20 total)
No new case in Govisumber (total 3)
1 doctor of the NCCD is positive (total 65)
Stay Safe everyone!