Making airag in khokhuur registered by UNESCO | Mare’s Milk “Airag”

http://Airag is the traditional national beverage of Mongolia. The technique of making Airag in Khokhuur and its associated customs is the 15th element to be registered by Mongolia on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This new addition includes the traditional method of making airag – a fermented beverage made […]

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What is a Mongolian Ger | Traditional Dwelling | Nomad’s Ger

Travel2Mongolia     Mongolian Traditional Dwelling – Ger Ger one of the Mongolian greatest heritage from our ancestors, has long history tracing from earlier centuries. In this period, obviously Mongolians ger structure get changed, developed and it is keeping its own features today. Having extreme weather and nomadic way of life, ger is the most […]

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Why are you must to see the Gobi Desert of Mongolia

Naadam Festival 2020 & Gobi Desert I am a Mongolian young woman, who was born into a family of railway staff at a small train depot alongside the railroad travelling across a vast and otherworldly Gobi Desert. Train engine noise and the wheels turning on the railroad track sound became my only lullaby songs since […]

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Join us for our 20th  Annual Winter Ice Festival in Beauty Khuvsgul Lake!

Ice Festival Tour 2020 & Winter Holidays You are cordially invited to the Ice Festival in Mongolia of which the capital city of Ulaanbaatar is listed near the top among the most air-polluted cities in the world. Be prepared for survival! Here I give you reasons. Firstly, you will be very welcomed to the coldest […]

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Winter special events in Mongolia 2020

There is big opportunity for tourists coming to Mongolia in summer time to watch Mongolian Naadam Festival while travelling through beautiful places in the country. Whereas, number of interesting events that attract attention of the tourists are held here in winter as well. All the events cover a complex topic and aim to show unique […]

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