Naadam Festival 2020 & Gobi Desert

I am a Mongolian young woman, who was born into a family of railway staff at a small train depot alongside the railroad travelling across a vast and otherworldly Gobi Desert. Train engine noise and the wheels turning on the railroad track sound became my only lullaby songs since my childhood. Living under scorching sun was a struggle. It causes sunburnt during burning hot days with degrees soaring above 40C even, you don’t want to show up a tip of your nose to the sun. There is a moment when every kid’s dream comes true playing cheerfully on the desolate paradise of sand stretches to the horizon and beyond early in the morning and in the evening just before sunset. Sand is quite warm under your bare feet and makes you feel like walking on a luxurious silken carpet during these golden hours. Thanks to sand, bow-legged little me has grown to a one with straight-legged model alike. Besides, I received a life-long service for sun-tanned skin from Gobi sun and never need any super-expensive cosmetics and holidays to get bronze skin for the rest of my life, and that’s a great benefit of Gobi sun.

Almost everyone envisages about Gobi Desert with barely no rain, and it’s absolutely true. It practically rains as soon as there comes a cloud in the sky in the Khangai region, also spoken of being the opposite to “the Gobi” in more general terms, covering all forested areas. Conversely, it looks like coming-soon thunderstorm when cumulus clouds surge into sky, gaining thousands of feet of elevation in a few minutes, but it finally ends up with a strong sand storm in most times and all left for us is a glimpse of descending precipitation one in every ten occasions under thunderstorm-like weather. This rare moment has its absolute worth of being felt and smelt. Indescribable feeling as if being on the earth paradise is created literally and figuratively within every soul.

It might be rather desire of the Gobi Spirit to show off his majesty by creating sea-like sand waves to the sky high. We call his super-powered storm “Ugalz”. While watching through windows, it looks like there comes a thick fog covering and the view outside becomes completely invisible to us but only within two or three metres radius. Once the storm rages on, its magic of colour changing into reddish, yellowish, darkish and whitish, and I would say it is a must-see wonder in Gobi. Yet surprisingly, an unexpected disappearance of the storm like its sudden start creates remarkable resilience within us as if nothing happened a minute ago.

Imagination about the Gobi cannot be completed with no heart filling sunrise and sunset moments. Melting heat of the giant sun is cooling down every hour in the evening and the wide swathes of open land is entirely covered with a gold-like yellow carpet. Alongside a special feeling inside like being all alone in the world, now is your right time to pop up a question to your beloved one. Nothing can witness your love more than the most beautiful Gobi sun on earth for good.

While standing in the middle of somewhere in Gobi where it is not polluted by the city lights, tender breeze swifts slowly our ego away and it makes us to rethink “on a philosophical ground” about ourselves and to realize unconsciously how tiny the creatures we are. A diamond ring is no longer be a symbol of true love than the night sky filled with millions of more-shiny-than-diamond-like stars in Gobi.

With a population density of around three people per square mile, you can drive in a car for hours without passing another vehicle. The Gobi is rugged paradise as well for hikers and bicyclists, who can commune with nature for hours on end, never encountering another soul, except for your own. If you are exhausted and want to run away from the overly materialistic modern world to the place like an end of the world, this will certainly be Gobi, where you can see only sun, plain and sand, and they are calling you.

Tranquillity of Great Mongolia starts from right there.

Content Writer : Emma. S

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